Who We Are

In an ever more rapidly evolving business environment, new ideas and more efficient, cost effective operational processes can have an enormous impact on a business's market share and significantly alter the organization's bottom line. It has never been more important to ensure a cohesive synergy between all the functions of a business. This has becomes difficult due to the specialized nature of individual departmental  needs and varying business models and operational philosophies.






We knew it could be done because similar business technology platforms already exist that provide exactly that functionality. But even these system have several limitations when it comes to flexibility, data storage and application hosting models and most notably in our assessment, the astronomical cost involved in acquiring and adapting these propriety system to suite unique business needs. These facts put them pretty much totally out of reach of 99% of the SME and start-up organizations, who can benefit immensely from the capabilities that really good business management systems can provide. So our development goals became obvious, to create an Enterprise Grade Global business management platform that was highly affordable, highly customizable without any development required, hosted on private single tenant cloud infrastructure that ensures no large infrastructure investment is required, and lastly that is delivers full data integration between individual function and modules, meaning data only needs to be updated once, and automation processes will ensure that all other relevant connected data sets are updated at the same time. No more redundant and repetitive task that hamstring your employees productivity.


We achieved this goal by gathering a small group of uniquely skilled individuals from various business experience backgrounds, including - Information Technology R&D, Psycho Analytics & Education,  Business Service Delivery & Operations, Business Management & Strategic Development, Finance Planning & Management, and finally Marketing & Sales. This diverse and unique approach gave every discipline an equal yet flexible weight on a priority modeling scale, and lifted out various functionality shortfalls in other systems we could address.  We called it Inverted Target Evolution. This unconventional approach allows us to treat each of our clients as individuals, with unique needs that require a bespoke deployment and customization strategy that our highly agile team is able to accurately assess, allowing us to individualize each deployment based on best practices for their needs. 

Our Unique CloudBI ERP HUB Private Business Cloud now Delivers a Turn-Key Solution Including:

  • High Performance self scaling, Single Tenant Business Private Cloud platform

  • Core AI powered, self healing, auto updated and highly secure Cloud environment

  • Highly Flexible Enterprise Grade ERP System

  • Integrated Business Intelligence and Realtime reporting

  • Extensible through simple application installation with automated data integration

  • Advance Business Cloud File, data and object storage and document editing and management

  • Business Strategy Systems Utilizing self learning AI

  • Industry 4.0 system extensibility and much much more


The combination of these unique element means that now SME's and Start-ups companies can  finally compete with  their large corporate rivals on a level playing field, utilizing the same powerful tools but adding Entrepreneurial passion. We are proud to be able to play a part in this process, helping to transform businesses in the SME sector into agile, adaptable and competitive forces in their various business segments.

Eqilibruim Solutions was created in 2015 to allow the realization of an idea. To create a single, powerful, private and secure cloud based platform, delivering agile globally accessible Business management & Operational capabilities, giving organizations the ability to simplify operations and integrate core business departments into a single cohesive unit, breaking down the various data silos and ensuring that business information is always current, up to date and ready to be utilized. To reach this goal we have created a distributed, elastic private cloud based, modular business system that is able to provide every  functionality a business would ever need.

Our Mission


To dedicate our organization to the development of advanced, cost effective business  technology systems that can provide organization, especially those in the Small to Medium market sector, with the business tool that they need to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing global economic landscape. Driving business growth and creating sustainability. 

Our Vision


Change, especially changing the norm has never been easy. But then, being a trend setter never is. The future where the business environment is can be a level playing filed and  embracing  new innovation and technology is required to be sustainable. We want to help businesses to no longer fear change, and concede to the reality that there is no single structure that everyone has to conform to. By changing the way we look at our business and the people that make it work, we can create an environment where technology, individuality, and unique innovation can be harnessed into one powerful tool, that will turn companies into market leader. We aim to set the standard for other businesses to aspire to. But most importantly, we want to help the economic landscape remember that the most valuable asset of any organization is their limitless entrepreneurial spirit. The resulting mindset shift, will change our economic path to one of growth, profitability and success.

"Have you ever heard that someone was amazingly successful because they where the second ones to have an amazing idea and follow through with it? EXACTLY!"

- Steve Jobs -

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Eqilibruim Solutions is a proud supporter of the Global Open Source Community. The CloudBI Private Business Cloud Platform is developed using multiple enterprise ready platforms  extensively tested and production environment certified Open Source Technologies