Mobile Application  Development

Smart Phone Technology and Mobile Applications have completely changed how we use mobile technology and the internet. It has also required businesses to adjust their approach to digital transformation and looking at various ways of leveraging mobile technology to not only better communicate with their existing customers but to also come up with creative way to reach a wider consumer demographic to increasing their exposure on an consistent basis.  With close to 5 billion users globally in a 2017/18 survey, organization have quickly realized that it is a technology channel that they just cannot afford to ignore. Information Technology consultant the world over will be quick to point out that not having business IT systems like marketing and sales integrated with at least some level of mobile device plaforms is pure sales and marketing suicide in the modern business environment. And with smart device capabilities expanding daily, the ways in which mobile application and web integration can be used to reach new business prospects keep expanding as well.

Enterprise Private Cloud Mobile Integration

Globally Enterprises are requiring more from their infrastrucutre and business system. Especially when we look at the aspect accessibility to business resources and application when off-premises. You would be hard pressed to find any successful organization, no matter their market sector, that not have certain Enterprise system functionality if not their entire platform accessible by various employees via a mobile device while out of office. During the development process of the CloudBI ERP HUB system this vital service was integration was high on the core requirement scale.

Because of the parallel approach we could follow in the development process, our development team not ensured that the ERP module could deliver full functionality via a a perfectly mobile adaptive UI shift that is device detecting and also adaptive to mobile device screen size to a very large extent, But we had the time to also integrate the dependencies and created a standalone installable module utilizing a rather recent mobile device application type known as a Progressive Web Application. PWA Mobile device applications is designed by utilizing a programming launguage called VUE.JS. We will review the massive benefits the this optional addon module provides CloudBI users in the next Section. But first lets do a quick review of the awesome native mobile integration options available for CloudBI ERP HUB Users. 

ERP Mobile Interface

CloudBI ERP HUB Mobile Gateway provides user with easy access to their system login screen for authentication and once logged in directs to their App Dashboards from which they can access the full scope of applications the ERP system provides via the standard web user interface. The UI is also automatically adapted to your mobile device ensuring that it remains easy to user, update, query and perform any task that the user could require while on the move. From providing clients a quote  while sitting across from then to quickly updating their contact and adding them to specific mailing list or even logging a support query via the helpdesk. Every functionality is at your fingertips and still updated system wide where required in real-time. 

CloudBI HUB Mobile Integration

When looking at mobile integrated features integrated with the CloudBI HUB cloud server, most users have agreed it is like the gift that keeps on giving. The HUB interface can be accessed via two separate means when using the system via mobile device. Firstly it is fully accessible via the CloudBI ERP HUB Mobile Gateway App in exactly the sane way as the ERP interface. This will provide the user full  access to every  capability HUB provides. From online document editing to file sharing and documents and media uploads and everything in between. 

But your private HUB cloud server also includes various dedicated mobile service that allows the orgamization to ensure that any data storage remains private and within organizational control by replacing the need for any external propriority services. These include mobile device tracking, user defined device content backup of app data, images, document and any other data the user requires. Once synced with your HUB environment CloudBI HUB is also able to track geolocation history and provide a specified period of movement history and to protect your business and private information from falling in to the wrong hands should your device get lost or stolen you are able to conduct remote device wipe should the urgent need ever arise. To make all the services easier to automate HUB also also provided with a a dedicated native application for iOS and android that allows your HUB server to automate the tracking process of device state and then conduct content sync whenever data is altered or saved document or media library editing occurs on your device.

CloudBI HUB TALK Native Mobile App

The CloudBI HUB TALK Video Conferencing interface is the final CloudBI HUB Mobile Application Integrated into the HUB system app set. The HUB Talk app can be used via the standard CloudBI ERP HUB Mobile gateway Application directly via your HUB web interface is you choose, but to that will require that the gateway app be open to your CloudBI HUB interface if you want to ensure that you do not miss any of your video calls. But that option raised various inconvenience and security concerns during development, so we decided to develop a standalone native application for HUB talk module. This was done firstly to provide the organization the flexibility of allowing or not allowing users to utilize the Talk application via Mobile, but more importantly, as a standalone app we could integrate the HUB video calling capabilities with the mobile device ringer and notification management structures and retaining the end to end encryption and security that make the HUB Talk module so reliable and secure. So thank to the CloudBI HUB Talk app, your business will never need to reply on any third-party web conferencing technology again, ensuring that your web meetings are secure and private, and protected by AI powered military grade encryption. 

CloudBI ERP Progressive Web App

Progressive web app is not yet a widely adopted web app mobile integration framework, But the various benefits that it provides and organization has us convinced that it will increase in popularity with the next 12 months. 

So why would we go a provide CloudBI ERP with yet another mobile integration framework when our gateway mobile app already provides all the functionality a user could want? 

The reasoning behind this choice is simple, PWA mobile solutions provide 3 very attractive features that numerous organizations may prefer above taking the native app route. 

1. Progressive web applications can be installed on any mobile operating system without the need to develop dedicated app apps for iOS and android. That could provide smaller organizations that want their own app distribution a significant cost saving.

2. PWA mobile app installs to device home screen in one tap and and does not require any device permissions. This is because it install also like a browser plugin, but looks, feels and performs like a native web application developed specifically for your mobile device.

3. PWA application make use of file caching for larger to download resources such as images, this makes it light on data usage, hey require virtually no space on your phone and most importantly, and the feature we like most is that they are fast, very very fast While not draining device resources.

We believe in always ensuring our users have the latest system and technology structures to choose from. So what your organization decides on as your mobile integration technology is in the end, simply user preference and conformity to your organizations needs. Whichever mobile integration addon our clients prefer, included in the annual mobile application license fee is organizational branding and full app lifecycle management for the full licensing period of their mobile application.

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