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The Complete Online Sales Platform

Online sales are constantly evolving, and the last three years have seen the whole face of web-based sales change to the multi-device requirements we see today. CloudBI eCommerce is our answer to an increasingly complex world where connectivity and technology are rapidly advancing – and it becomes all the more important people remain at the heart of these developments. Developed with maximum flexibility to accommodate any business model. Whether your company needs B2B or B2C as your main sales business, we have got you completely covered. Use the clean and intuitive administration interface to set up your online store, publish your product range and promote your special offers. All

from a single admin interface that is very powerful yet easy to use even for novice users. And be sure that your store will always be available, with an online sales platform that is at home in the cloud and scales instantly to whatever your site user traffic demands. So, your store will never get over-powered by user traffic but will adapt to the required loads and ensure your resources are always optimized. This also help our client keep their costs under control.

Easy & Clean Interface

Feel right at home with the administration from day one. Clear interface, intuitive navigation, outstanding user experience, consistent design: the new administration deliberately avoids complexity so that you can focus on what is most important to you – your core business.

  • Minimal learning curve thanks to the simple and intuitive design.

  • Built for the cloud, future proof central interaction space. Based on Vue.js

Easily Product Creation & Development

Managing product variants has never been easier. Every conceivable property – whether size, weight or colour – can be catalogued and maintained from one place. Properties can then be applied to the product level to generate variants of any complexity.

Multi-Channel, Perfect Content

Whether classic online shop, social media platform, marketplace or POS, with CloudBI eCommerce you can control every sales channel centrally from one solution. Effortlessly list your products on the channels that are relevant for your target groups.

Sales channels can differ in assortment, currencies and languages. In addition to the default channels, you can use the API to create custom connections and effectively reach your customers wherever they are.

Easy Advanced Product Management

Marketing Meets Design

We want our solution to be at the leading edge, so our online sales platform needed to usher in an era of emotional shopping in ecommerce. The latest research, done the last two years shows that online buyers today purchase from webstores that make them feel inspired to do so. To inspire, a web space needs to be pretty. So, we selected base technologies that would provide the tools to create the evolved successor to must systems available. We call it inspired shopper, and it builds on and improves upon this underlying idea to bring about the ultimate fusion of content and commerce. The

Inspired Shopper’s unique attributes it makes it possible for customers to have a unified shopping experience across channels, regardless of content or end device. For the eCommerce user it means that creating amazing, cross-platform shopping experiences comes intuitively and requires no design affinity or prior technical knowledge.

  • Easy to use thanks to intuitive usability

  • Flexibly design any number of pages: Landing pages, category pages, product detail pages, listings etc.

  • Manage central content for multiple sales channels

The Right Technology

In relying on technological standards and user first building design, we’ve made it even easier to work with CloudBI eCommerce – while reducing dependency on specialised knowledge. Our goal is to make it as comfortable as possible to get your companies online sales moving, by providing you with easy to use yet SMART technology. And the effect of using built for cloud, web first Java Script technology also mean that its very light weight on your client’s browser, meaning that it loads fast, very damn fast. CloudBI eCommerce provides retailers with the technological foundation to effortlessly build retail strategies across channels and devices.

Online trade without borders

Expanding into new markets is a major opportunity for growth – but it comes at the cost of added complexity. We spent allot of time focusing on the international application and usability of the system. This means that retailers will have to overcome fewer hurdles when it comes to internationalising their business; a topic which encompasses much more than just translations. We ensured that our client have the necessary flexibility and security to reach new markets.

  • Multi-currency and multi-language capability

  • Rule-based pricing and checkout configurations for different markets

  • Country-specific sales channels

  • Configurable tax calculation for scaling internationally

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