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The success of any business lies in effective communication and proper data exchange within its internal departments. Any kind of delay in the data exchange between the core processes and administration functions will be a remarkable hurdle for the progress of any company and that can lead to failure of any business. To overcome from this problem, a concept, 'ERP' came into existence. ERP is an approach of amalgamating the various departments of an enterprise such as Sales, HR, Finance, Marketing, Production, Warehouse, etc. This creates a single data source across an organization, allowing internal departments to share and have access to information quickly and efficiently.

The implementation of an ERP system largely depends on the flexibility and ease of use. Most current ERP systems limit entry main due to being very bulky and difficult to use, and due to the ridiculously high cost of acquisition and implementation. The cost can run into hundreds of thousands in some cases, and this without providing any major customization. We wanted to change this, by providing a platform that could provide our clients with all the functionality, performance and features that they could find in other offerings, but to also make this system highly customizable, completely modular and totally cloud based.

CloudBI ERP is a next generation, futuristic, modular, robust and low-cost business information system that helps you grow your business with powerful and modular design covering all essential aspects of your business. Developed on a solid open source base and enhanced by an incredibly unique Core AI powered infrastructure creates a solution that can compete with any overly expensive, complicated, big brand system available today. The modular design and with a whole host of market sector specific modules, it is easy to create a quick and easy solutions for your specific needs. This is contrary to the well-known traditional ERP systems, which require very costly development by system qualified developers. The CloudBI ERP platform delivers a powerful, easy to use and easy to integrate, business management and operations system at a low investment costs with extremely high quality / ROI ratio.

Main Benefits

Improved decision making
Solid Operational Backbone
Centralize your Finances
Increase Productivity
Cost Effective
Streamline Employee engagement

The Platform can be easily customized during the deployment process and set up to be used not only in the Production Sector but also in Service Sectors, Educational, Health, Logistic and almost in all major sectors, and will be accepted and used by employees wholeheartedly.


The All In One single interface principle improves employee on-boarding and allows organizations to amalgamate the features like designing Templates, Blogs and Notes, Chat and Notification facilities, automatic Schedular, Project management. Its never been easier managing all the background processes right from the inventory management to shipping, or from purchasing to production, or from marketing to invoicing, or from shopping through website to delivery and many more. And the amazing report features provided with each module facilitates quick Charts/Graphs/Report generation, Quotations, Invoice creation, Email facilities, and loads more.


For larger organizations CloudBI ERP is also capable of managing multiple-companies, multi-currency and multi-languages out of the box, as per business requirement.

Core Module Features Overview


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