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The origin of the CloudBI Business Platform is rooted in our efforts to meet our own needs for a integrated yet cost effective business management platform to service our diverse business requirements. We quickly realized that there where no simple out of the box solutions and that we would have to develop our own. We also saw that our needs where in no way unique and that there was a real need for a versatile, powerful and fully data integrated business management platform that could provide businesses with the full range of applications they need to run their organization efficiently and profitably. Existing solutions on offer are also astronomically expensive, is limited in their customization unless a company is willing to invest massive budgets in development, and locks you into that product above all else without provide data portability option.  


So we decided to see if we where able to remedy this issue, and I do believe clients will be very happy with the results. 

CloudBI Private Business Cloud is an enterprise ready, turn-key business management solution. By integrating a full complement of powerful business management applications, a business would needs to effectively manage, document, track and report every aspect of its daily operations. CloudBI provides an organization with a single point of entry to a multi app suite of robust, easy to use and battle tested (full production environment) business function modules that is easy to use, simple to set up and fully integrated to a single database and information repository, hosted via a decentralized Private Cloud environment, a Enterprise Grade Cloud Document and data storage solution (think of it as your own private Google Cloud Docs and Google Drive. Only on quite a large amount of Steroids) with almost too many built-in capabilities to mention. We call it CloudBI HUB. Below we have listed some core applications that is integrated into these two systems components. Each one of the ERP applications are capable of performing the complete business job function that it was developed for as a standalone app. But through extensive backend and frontend integration, the Resulting Private Business Cloud Solutions provides functionalities and capabilities that is highly functional and easier to use than most top-shelf Propriety system available on the market today.

But all of these features and capabilities would mean very little without the main ingredient, a Private Cloud Computing Infrastructure. This was a rather unique challenge as the CloudBI Business Platform is one of the first of its kind. No other ERP system available on the global market is deployed on or hosted with the same Private VPC infrastructure. Secondly, we wanted to prioritize a cost effective solution. To ensure CloudBI will always do what its users want, when they want, required dedicated resources that would allow us exclusive access and maintenance right to deploy the CloudBI Core AI operating framework. For this we turned to our trusted infrastructures partners in the global Open Source Developers community, who delivered as always.  Thanks to longstanding business relationships with this select network of top level Private Cloud Infrastructure providers allowed us to  structure a unique preferred organization agreement that secured  exclusive access to 10% of the available resources of the largest private cloud computing network on our planet, with 36 dedicated global data centres in 12 Countries.

The Global Open Source Developers Foundation maintains the largest Private Global Cloud Computing environment available and the 4th largest overall in global computing infrastructure. Only being outdone by Google, AWS and Microsoft, but all of these being multi-tenant public cloud services. So Eqilibruim Solutions can guarantee CloudBI clients the best private cloud hardware and networking structures available worldwide, capable of instant scaling to meet volume demands. Eqilibruim CloudBI clients will enjoy dedicated, state of the art hosting infrastructure that is exclusively provisioned with the CloudBI Private Cloud Core AI framework. This translates to a unique AI powered operational system that provides a self-healing, zero maintenance, highly secure base that will guarantee that your business system is always available, always accessible and always up to date.


Our unique solution package also brings the cost of setup and monthly operation to affordable enough levels to make them available and viable to most organizations, not only big budget enterprise. Whether you are the owner of a new Start-up, manage your own established SME or the CEO of a large corporation, we believe that everyone should have the rights to choose who, where and for what purpose their data and that of their clients are used. And your IT infrastructure adapts to your individual needs. So businesses will have a accurate estimate of monthly cost based on deployment size. But able to adapt and scale at a moments notice should the need arise.

The CloudBI Business Management Platform is a modular design making it easily adaptable, but designed to create  automatically integrated data structures upon installation. Our business cloud solution provides our business clients with all the functionality, flexibility and independence they require to successfully manage every aspect of their business from one central platform, while providing freedom from propriety vendor lockin and  allowing them complete control over their data access and exposure. And because we understand that every business is unique, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all, so CloudBI is ready, willing and able to be adapted to your business model. Because to be affective, your business system should adapt to your business style, not the other way round.

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Eqilibruim Solutions is a proud supporter of the Global Open Source Community. The CloudBI Private Business Cloud Platform is developed using multiple enterprise ready platforms  extensively tested and production environment certified Open Source Technologies