The New Definition of private cloud

What is Private Cloud

Private cloud has always referred to a model of cloud computing where IT services are provisioned over private IT infrastructure for the dedicated use of a single organization. A private cloud is usually managed via internal resources, requires heavy investment to make those resources perform close to the computational speed and performance provided by massive public cloud platforms.


The terms private cloud and virtual private cloud (VPC) are very often used interchangeably. Technically speaking, a VPC is normally a private cloud with pre-set maximum resource availability, using a third-party cloud provider's infrastructure, while a legacy private cloud is implemented over internal, normally on-premises, physical server hardware infrastructure.


Private clouds are sometimes also be referred to as enterprise clouds. This probably came about because for many years, only massive Enterprise organizations had close to sufficient IT budgets to even attempt said implementation.

New Private Cloud Explained

There is some controversy around the very idea of a private cloud. The central idea of cloud computing is an organization should not need to build out and manage computing infrastructure itself. By utilizing cloud vendors, an organization should lower costs while receiving services and applications that are on par or better than whatever could be done in-house. Given this, a private cloud would seem to be going backwards.

Because usually an organization would still need to build out or sometimes create an extensive on-premises computing infrastructure from scratch. This requires an organization to invest a sizable amount of capital and then also manage the private cloud infrastructure, essentially negating any benefits gained from the economics of scale that should come with cloud computing. But the reality is that this has not ever been the true picture. Eqilibruim Solutions decided we wanted to create a honest reflection of the power present in web technology, the exception to the rule, and we think we got it right.

When designing the CloudBI Business Cloud Platform, we held one principle at the forefront of our thoughts. If we are not willing to give up control and ownership of our business personal and business data to third-party vendors, we cannot, and will not expect our clients to do that. We wanted to create a system that still provide the significant benefits of cloud computing while also still retaining the benefits of  private clouds in the sense that a private cloud is a way to centralize large installations of IT infrastructure in a highly virtualized manner while avoiding exposure to the unknowns of an outside big tech cloud vendor. Because we believe that data ownership, security and protection from external treats, while still being able to enjoy all the positive benefits of cloud technology, is our client’s right.

Unfortunately in our current technological world, where data has become a more valuable commodity than oil, this is a fact that is almost totally ignored by 99% of public cloud vendors, irrespective of whatever obligational promises they make that their users concerning data secure. Luckily, for all who still value their information security and data privacy, there is still a small but extremely well equipped, highly secure network of service vendors that provide the service they promise, committed to the belief that privacy is a user’s right, not a morally flexible privilege. Through careful sourcing of those types of service partners, Eqilibruim Solutions can proudly provide our clients with one of the first fully virtual, user controlled private cloud computing platforms that is able to compete with any public cloud performance, and mostly even surpass it. Welcome to the new normal.

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