Web Design, Online Presence and Corporate Identity


The online market place is undoubtedly the largest and most relevant target market for any business in the world today. With more that 50% of the population on the planet having access to the internet, a companies ability to reach a broader and more capital rich market base has never been easier. Thus the importance of top rate web design, diversified online presence and high search engine visibility has never been more important. Combine this aspect with attractive and recognizable brand design and the sky is the limit.


By integrating these key element that in the past has always been seen as independent disciplines and ensuring that all the elements are created as part of one structure, we have created an effective, attractive and extremely function orientated internet base that integrated seamlessly with every know search engine, has a 99.9% up-time and can be accessed quickly with minimal loading times from anywhere in the world.



Services we provide include:


  • Corporate Identity and Logo Design

  • Domain Registration and Hosting

  • Responsive Cross-Platform Web Design

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Smartphone App Development

  • Online Marketing Development

  • Online e-Commerce Sales Platforms

  • Online Payment Solution

  • Active User/Business Blogs

  • Online Automated Booking Systems

  • Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, Pinrest........)

  • Social Media Platform Footprint & Visibility Optimization


Business Management Platforms  :


In this area there are numerous established products on the market that can provide pretty much any function a business should need. The only down side to this is the cost involved in obtaining this software, having to pay for element in a package that your business does not utilize and normally having high after sale cost in licensing fees and back-up support.


To address this issue we gone to great lengths to find affordable management platform options that is also highly customizable to specific business needs. These platform seamlessly integrate with any other software platforms for easy information sharing between systems and is designed to be extremely user friendly which cuts down on employee training time. Adding any new system application is also a easy and painless process and can be achieved with no down time and minimal daily function disruption. So your management platform can grow with your company needs.


Platform components include:

  • Highly Available / High Performance Private Cloud

  • Self Healing Infrastructure

  • Enterprise Grade Security Integration

  • Cross-Platform System Compatibility

  • Database Performance Optimization and ETL

  • Daily Database Back-up and Storage

  • Multiple Device Responsive Architecture

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Eqilibruim Solutions is a proud supporter of the Global Open Source Community. The CloudBI Private Business Cloud Platform is developed using multiple enterprise ready platforms  extensively tested and production environment certified Open Source Technologies