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Thanks to Cross Platform Web Technology the CloudBI Platform is accessible and fully functional from any mobile  device out of the box. Dedicated Mobile Applications Or PWA is Available For iOS & Android


Advanced Platform infrastructure designed to be self healing and highly Secure. The CloudBI Systems Manager is always aware and never sleeps. Powered By NextGen Core AI. Self learning, highly Adaptive and delivering full system Protection, 24/7 

 A true Private cloud. Your data in your control, but with all the benefits capabilities, speed and computing  power of advanced web technology, the way it was meant to be. Free, Open and capable of meeting your unique business needs, when you need it with the simple click of a button.

Access your business system from anywhere, at any time while still retaining performance and data ownership . Zero Infrastructure requirements, compatible and fully responsive with all mobile web capable devices.

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Eqilibruim Solutions is a proud supporter of the Global Open Source Community. The CloudBI Private Business Cloud Platform is developed using multiple enterprise ready platforms  extensively tested and production environment certified Open Source Technologies