Full Customization


We offer our clients the option of Customizing their LMS with their own individual branding. By adding personalized  learning institution or Corporate ID, Logos, color scheme, terminology, and more. So that your LMS Platform reflects your unique image.

Graphical Dashboards


The graphical tile-based Dashboards gives users a comfortable Windows look and feel but allows for Smartphone based point and click operation. This allows users to  get  access to  the  most important information for each in just one or two clicks. Further more complex navigation is conducted via the easy to use sidebar menu.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So with strict belief in that little piece of wisdom, we have created our integrated apps options below as they will normally appear on your LMS Dashboard. This will provide potential future users with a broader picture of just how comprehensive our LMS can be should some heavy lifting be required. We are proud to say that there is no other product close to our price point that can provide users with a product of the same quality and capability as our LMS Solution. Combined with the fact the very few other LMS system deliver Customized Client branding or the relatively short setup period due to our dedicated service and integration capabilities, we are proud to say that any client would be hard pressed to find any product  that directly competes.

LMS Features
LMS Integrations


Below you will find a list of full LMS Platform specifications as well as integrated features. All these features are standard and available to every Platform account. Which of these features you choose to utilize and is activated on your LMS is dictated by the client, during the initial setup process conducted by Eqilibruim Solutions administrators, based on organizational needs and procedural policies. Any features not activated can however always be activated at any later stage should needs change at no extra cost.

Content and Student Tracking Features

The below features will be of particular interest to course creators and presenters as these are the various tools utilized for student evaluation procedures. When used in combination with a well constructed course Curricula, these assessment, tracking and grading tools helps to turn the evaluation and remedial process into an almost light-hearten task. if assessment are correctly created with the correct feedback patch, your LMS will assist your students with their remedial work without requiring outside involvement. Which means that educators are able to give more attention to cases of serious need. A concept we like to call optimized time reward distribution.

Mobile Access

 All users can seamlessly access class information anytime, anywhere. Use our mobile apps for iOS and Android to enjoy the full functionality on the go. Students can easily keep track of their schedule and become more involved in academic activities even when they are not at school.

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