Bespoke Business & private mobile App Development

 ever have a brilliant idea for the next big thing in mobile apps, or you may be expanding your business your business scope and want to start expanding your ecommerce platform to make it more accessible to mobile users and a much wider client base that can be exposed to your store. 

It doesn't matter how simple or complex your mobile app vision should be, the Eqilibruim Solutions Development Team can help you realize your mobile app goals. Our agile, passionate and highly skilled team can assist clients from the first step of story boarding your concept, R&D research to ensure maximum target demographic uptake, right up until the day your mobile application is uploaded to the relevant app stores ready for your user to start downloading. 

The Eqilibruim mobile app development philosophy follows the pattern of quality and code control that we apply to all our enterprise development projects. Ensuring clean, documented development processes, state of the are technology that delivers best of breed performance, security best practices and a promise of dedicated monitoring, and project life cycle management for the entire application production period. 

Features of Applications Solutions already Developed and maintained in active production Environment.

Enterprise Data Analytics

Data analytics is crucial to business and client insights. Using modern deep learning models, customized data processing workflows and self learning powerful AI Machine learning models, businesses can utilize their data that normally just takes up space on their database and gain levels of insight will allow businesses to make decisions and larger contextual scope and understanding than they have never been exposed to before. These system have completely revolutionized the way that many of our clients manage and view their business. Putting them on the road to success and long-term sustainability. 

Dynamic Turn-key Mobile eCommerce Solutions

Mobile e-Commerce is one of the largest and most consistently growing product distributions channel over the past 8 years. No business can maximize their sales and value chain without a solid, integrated or standalone mobile ecommerce solutions. The Eqilibruim Solutions Development team has extensive experience in creating a range of e-commerce solutions ranging from integration solutions that extend existing web platforms into the mobile space to dedicated mobile first, highly scalable systems that automate the purchasing procedures from product selection through checkout and payment right up to client receipt of their order. We have the infrastructure experience to help our client deploy mobile ecommerce solutions to whatever growth and scale they may require in the minimum timeframe. 

Omnichannel Social Media Marketing Solutions

One app to rule them all!! Simplify your social media marketing, create powerful marketing campaignes across all your social media channels, plan deployments and monitor success rates all through a single mobile application interface. Effective Omnichannel marketing that provides advanced automation, marketing deployment scheduling and analytics based feedback structures, without having to work harder and spend more time but improving success rates and improving customer engagement.

Centralized User Authentication Management

Global User Credential management simplifies user management, vastly improves systems security and and ensures that you or your organization can sleep soundly in the knowledge that your clients and employees private and sensative information is safe from threat and that your valuable business data is safely stored out of reach of anyone who would seek to assess it for their own gain. Let us help you and your business application infrastructure to have the systems in place to ensure that your system is with waekness, utilizes best of breed security protocols and most importantly can be managed easily from one central user interface. Monitor firewalls and network and be sure to spot potential threats long before they become a problem. 

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Eqilibruim Solutions is a proud supporter of the Global Open Source Community. The CloudBI Private Business Cloud Platform is developed using multiple enterprise ready platforms  extensively tested and production environment certified Open Source Technologies