If you asked a digital media and marketing Guru where the most important focus of your digital footprint should be in 2010, they would have told you to put all you effort into the World Wide Web, especially online search enignes like Google, Yahoo and Bing. But as of about 2015, the game totally changed. Today that same person would tell you that if you can only focus on one area of online marketing, to create a highly visible and well know footprint, they're recommendation would be: Social Media is where your focus and highest efforts should be.

In the past 8 years more people have joined the social media trend than any other trending medium in the history of our digital age. And due to its ability to get your business and services notices quickly and by the market relevant to your product or service, companies the world over dedicate most of their online marketing budget to it. But why do you have to get a professional to do this discipline and maintain your social media footprint? You know FACEBOOK don't you? I mean, you have been a user for a long time, surely you can get the results yourself?

Well, here is the kicker, no you can't. Because as with Web Design, software development, server solutions and pretty much every other online profession out there. Social media only pays off if you have the skill and understanding of these systems to make sure that your actions will create the desired effect. This is why Eqilibruim Solutions is delighted that one of our specialist team members even knows how to make FACEBOOK blush  if she reallywants to.

- LinkedIn

  - WeChat

  - Mxit

  - Reddit

  - Telegram

  - WAYN

  - EverNote

  - RSS Social Feeds

  - Flip Board

Social Media Solution Modules

 Module 1:

 Business Account Creation

We start off by creating our client a business based user account on each network. The accounts are then populated with interesting and vibrant content relevant to their relevant products or services. This helps to peak interest and grow their various circles within each platform.



 Introduction Campaign

This particular process is important and is done in such a way, that no undue intrusions on the target audience is caused. If this is not executed perfectly it could lead to various issues such as abuse of user report that will lead to account blocks and a poor response from your target market. Done correctly this process opens the door to at least three circles of expansion.

 Module 3:

 Central Hub Integration

Once the initial campaign is completed all the various user account is now ready to be combined, with the help of our custom designed central hub software, into a unified account group. We can then use this application to control the release of relevant content and interaction on every platform and tailor to that platform's content type, all from one central point. Through this magical process we can now start to release the exact same pieces of content, on every platform at the same time.



 Module 4:

 Content and marketing Campaign Planning

At this part of the process we normally like our clients to get involved. Once your central hub runs smoothly our Eqilibruim Social Media Consultant likes to sit down with our client and together they create a 6 week marketing campaign. We base these on a few special offers, available only to clients that have respond to your offer via your social media distribution medium. Offers are verified via discount codes gained from responding to platform content and ensures that any discounted rates are extended to new clients gained from new social circles.


 Module 5:

 Content Sourcing

Though sounding simple this is the most important and time consuming aspect of all social media management. All parties involved must be on the same level, understanding that any content that gets released through the client's various account must adhere to strict prerequisites. Content must always bear a relation to the user's business, but mostly we try to not bombard our social circles with advertising. Advertisement offers are blended with our interesting, preferably trending content wherever possible. The more interest posted content creates, the higher your positive comeback of marketing content. This we can guarantee, as we have seen it time after time. 



Module 6:

Maintaining User Accounts and Circles of Influence


This is maybe the most difficult job that Social Media Consultants face. By continuing to deliver interesting, relevant and quality content, user following continues grow and the client will experience the effects of this growth through the volume of his clientele. 

Social media marketing and sales bases may be a labor intensive discipline, and an ongoing process that is very hard to maintain. But long-term benefits when clients allow the time and provide positive input has taken companies to a level of expansion totally unheard of in their various industries. Through positive involvement from high level management and business owners, this area of marketing can change your business forever.

Social Media Management Service & Options

As with all our services, when creating our Social Media Solution, we put together a structure that would provide our clients with a modular yet Turn-Key service that could meet all the requirement that they know they have, and also many that they do not. So to begin, lets start with looking at the different social platform and streams that we manage and where any successfully visible business should have some footprint:

  - Facebook

  - Twitter

  - Google +

  - You Tube

  - Tumblr

  - Snapchat

  - Instagram

  - PintRest

  - BBM 

So, if you have a presence on every one of these bad boys listed above, your social media marketing skills are on PAR. But, if like most our clients, you have not really heard of half these platforms, then your business, your market share and bottom line is losing every day. To help clients fix this oversight, let's have a look at the Eqilibruim Solutions Modular Social Media Management and Consulting Solution.

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