Whether your looking to implement small changes, to improve an already winning recipe and increase productivity and profit, or perhaps you're looking to the future and want to initiate a complete internal restructuring to prepare your company for the growth to come. Eqilibruim Solutions is able to create the perfect solution for your individual needs, ensuring that you stay at the cutting edge of your chosen industry.


Information systems and technology integration forms the foundation of every successful business in the world today. And paramount in this function is the integration of all the various platform functions into one symbiotic organism that steers the entire organization. This is why we have integrated every aspect of this discipline into one process that ensure that it not only works in efficient cohesion with every department, but also provides the access to and security of any relevant information that these functions need to perform at maximum efficiency.


Business Management is broken down to four basic disciplines that are addressed firstly on an independent basis and then integrated into one process flow. As each element is created in cohesion with the other, integration becomes the natural outcome of a single goal.


Elements addressed during this process are:


- Corporate Governance

- Operational Management

- Financial Management

- Marketing & Sales

Having the right plan to focus the direction of your efforts is the only way to effectively  reach your  company goals. Through our unique multifaceted business strategy approach we assist in giving our clients a wider opportunity scope and assist them to steer their company in under utilized and very often untapped directions. In this way they are able to increase market share and ensure continued sustainability for both the medium and long-term. 

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Eqilibruim Solutions is a proud supporter of the Global Open Source Community. The CloudBI Private Business Cloud Platform is developed using multiple enterprise ready platforms  extensively tested and production environment certified Open Source Technologies