VISION Business Intelligence

Vision BI is a NextGen business intelligence tool. It lets you ask questions about your data, and displays answers in formats that make sense, whether that’s a bar graph or a detailed table. We have leveraged the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology and benefits that cloud computing offers to merge our unique AI with robust, proven and battle tested Open Source Business Intelligence to create a BI-solutions that anyone can use and understand. It also allows Vision BI to get smarter and learn from your data. This makes Vision BI a truly unique business BI tool that will never stops learning.

And we where not joking when we said that it lets you ask questions. Vision BI is developed with all the standard BI query methods, but we all really hate writing SQL, so we made our version of BI a human language first solution. This allow user to ask the questions they want answers to in normal language text format and get those questions answered based on their own data. Parameters can be set via a collection of dropdown menu options to fine tune result and make sure that their business decisions are based on accurate information delivered in real-time.

Any questions can also be saved, making it easy to access that information again later. Users can also group questions into collections and set those collections to create great looking dashboards. Vision BI also makes it easy to share questions and dashboards with the rest of your team. Collection metrics are continuously tracked and results are constantly update to ensure that all your dashboard metrics are always current based on the latest changes in you data.

Vision BI is the easy way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data. This allows department and individuals to access crucial information they need, without having to wait for specialists in order to have vital metrics they need.

Explore on your own

  • Easily filter and group your data to find just what you’re looking for, all without ever writing a single SQL query or having to wait on a data-voodoo practicing co-worker.


Leverage the Power Of AI

  • Let the SMART data explore features that our AI helps to provide, take you on an enlightening trip through your business data.

  • You select the data you want to explore, dig deeper into whichever result you want.

  • Perform multi-stage drilldown on any query results with the Vision X-ray feature that allows users to visualize every data component used to reach the final metric result.

  • You are in full control, our AI only does the heavy lifting, allowing you to work faster and more effectively.


See connections

  • It just takes a click to see individual records and explore connections between your data, so you can move from who, to what and then where effortlessly.

Visualize results

  • Turn hundreds and thousands of rows of unintelligible data into beautiful graphs and charts that everyone can easily understand with just a few clicks.

SQL when you need it

  • When you need to dig into the complicated stuff, Vision BI provides an elegant SQL interface for people who need a little more specialized power.



Get a real-time glimpse into what your company is learning about your data. Activity helps people in your company find an answer, jump start their own exploration, or improve existing questions.


Let everyone on your team create, organize and share collections of data. Set your important analytic datasets out to enable easy daily monitoring, create presentation grade graphic data sets on the fly and allows teams and individual to create the real-time data environment that they need to help them accomplish their tasks.

Easy setup and use

Start out simple and run Metabase on just a single database or set it up for your entire company covering all your relevant data sources. The ability for Metabase to connect to your existing database network through secure and encrypted remote access it means no required changes in existing infrastructure, disruption in daily operations or risk of system intrusion.


Organizations keep full control of their data, and they can choose how and where to utilize Metabase which means:

  • No storage limits, pricing tiers, or caps.

  • Your data stays private and on your own servers.


The biggest benefit to this unique BI tool however is how quickly an average individual with absolutely no special skills can learn to use it. Our studies have shown that most users are able to effectively use our solution with between two to four hours usage training. Our graphic user interface makes it easy to select your data sources, set your query parameters, and create basic filters to ensure the maximum information relevance.


Following those three steps any queries are done by just typing the question you want your data to answer. The code, query paths, table or document relevance and data grouping is all taken care of by our AI engine. But only having the data does not help most people. So, the Metabase AI engine has been infused with a workaholic personality. That means it allows you to choose your preferred graphic representation type and will convert your results to your visualization choice. Instant conversion to charts, graphs, maps or a list of other options. No formulas, no complicated code strings, no extensive conversion process and the peace of mind that the data you are looking at contains all the relevant information that you where looking for.


To support an ever-expanding set of capabilities, speed and storage type requirements, data storage technology has become a wide area of choice with new types of database technology being developed every year. We try to ensured Vision BI is compatible with as many of the current database technology systems out there possible. Cloud technology has greatly simplified this process but basic structures is still required to ensure flawless performance. Currently Vision BI is fully tested and integrates with the following database types:


The safeguarding of information systems and the data stores connected to them have become the primary concern of most organizations that utilize modern technology industry. Business Intelligence systems are a particularly attractive target due to the level of direct data access they to business system they require to perform their daily tasks and deliver accurate results. Application data security and information access control where key during development of CloudBI Business Platform and the Vision BI infrastructure. It not only connects with your data network through secure and encrypted structures, but also conducts query processes and receives information that is randomized and is only restructured upon receipt based on a query specific key attached to each query that is passed.

Data Preparation Streamlined

Before data can be useful it normally has to go through a very laborious process known as ETL (extract, transform, load) to be effectively utilized. Even though ETL has become allot easier in the last few year thanks to advanced data transformation tool, the process is still time consuming and often does require a degree of specialized knowledge. With Vision BI we where able to change these requirements. The only data preparation required when setting up Vision BI is simply to make it aware of what type of data is referenced in each table line.

This means that no malicious code, intrusion malware or no authorised operator driven methods can infiltrate the data transfer structures. In addition, the application operated in its own dedicated environment, with no physical integration with other network systems it is in itself protected from external intrusion by not only its cloud security environment but also via intrusion lockdown measures that are designed to lock down any system functionality and sever remote connection that shows any irregularity that is outside of the strictly controlled by the AI security that forms the core of our cloud infrastructure. We secure your data with the same technology that we use to secure our own.

From that point forward the VisionBI leverages its AI core infrastructure for all the heavy lifting and the advanced data-science, machine language and query strings that is part of your requests are iterated, processed and converted as required. All in a fraction of the time it would normally take

VisionBI has been a key element in our business. We are proud of it, and we want it to help other businesses out there to achieve success. Organizations and their employees no longer have to sacrifice performance and capabilities in order to take back control of your data. VisionBI completes the toolkit that independent organizations need to take back their data, and to ensure that their data is no longer utilized by anyone not work for their interest. The independent Technology of the future is already here today.

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